Computing Resources

The centre is equipped with all basic parallel computing platforms / architectures including Shared Memory (SMP), Multi-cores, Distributed Memory (Cluster), GPGPUs and Cloud Infrastructure. The centre has 10 TFLOPS of computational power consisting of Intel Xeon 3xxx and 5xxx series, AMD Opteron and Nvidia / AMD Radeon GPGPU cards.

HPCC Cloud

The HPCC cloud offers pre-configured or on-demand configured instances based on open source technologies to store, manage, and process data, rather than on a local server. This reduces cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware, software, provisioning and hosting. Currently we support PaaS and IaaS Cloud model. The cloud is ideal for universities and R&D organizations for implementing virtual laboratories and various test-beds.

Cluster Systems

The centre has two cluster systems. These systems offer high performance and high availability computing platforms to researchers and industries for their specific computational hunger workloads such as engineering design, data mining, financial data analysis, business intelligence, digital media etc.

  • 17 Nodes (152 cores) AMD Opteron G7 and G5 Multi-core processor based cluster system.
  • 50 nodes (1 + 49) Intel Xeon 5xxx and 3xxx Multi-core processor based cluster system

Software Repository

The Centre also serves as a software repository for the whole university. Numerous generic as well as application oriented open-source andlicensed software, related to different engineering disciplines, are available for use in all kinds of Research & Development work. Stand-alone software can only be used at the Centre while Network based software enable the usage throughout the University.

Software List

*The centre strictly observe the license policies as described by the software companies.

Application Area


Computer Aided Design & Drafting Software CADWorx
Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Engineering CODECALC
Desalination Design Analysis Tools
Pipeline Engineering CAESAR
Renewable Energy GHWindFarmer
Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning HVAC Design Software
Stress Analysis LISA
Process Industry Aspen HYSYS
Photovoltaic System PVSYST
CFD Software Fluent
Transportation Engineering AASHTOWARE Darwin
Soil Vision
Waste Water Treatment GPS-X
Ground Flow Visual MODFLOW
Quantum GIS
Contaminant Transport (3D) SOLUTRANS
Swift 2000
Impact Assesment InfoNet
InfoWorks-WS(Water Supply)
InfoWorks-WS(Collection System)
System Software MPI/PRO
Chip & Circuit Designing Software Cadence
FPGA Advantage
Quartus II
Networking Software GNS3
General Purpose Software Maple
Visual Fortran
MATLAB & Simulink
Design Expert
Solid Converter