HPCC Projects

Migration to Open Source Private Cloud

Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. It’s a mega-trend that has become an umbrella term for the ongoing shift from in-house data centers to third-party facilities. Organizations globally are using the cloud to drive innovation in the way they deliver IT services, achieving greater agility, reducing costs and deploying new capabilities much faster than ever before.

HPCC offers virtualized private Cloud solutions that provide you a secure environment with required applications to accelerate business productivity and reduce downtimes. Shared, multi-tenant infrastructure and multi-tenancy improve utilization and efficiency, cutting off CapEx completely. As Cloud applications leverage the Cloud architecture, there is no burden of software installation, maintenance and support.

HPCC private cloud supports application, platform, and infrastructure-level clouds development and configuration , with deep visibility into security, regulatory compliance, and service levels. HPCC proven services help you securely move work to the cloud and rapidly modernize and integrate applications.

Trusted Third Party HSM for Cloud Computing

HPCC has fitted out to develop a HSM for securing Big Data processing on cloud. This technology provides hardware level encryption and security mechanisms for cloud computing. The HPCC hardware security module can work as a third party between provider and customer.

HPCC HSM has the potential to appeal not only to large enterprise but also to small and midsize businesses. Right scale customers who have been searching for a way to get secure cryptographic keys should jump on it. HPCC HSM will be attractive to cloud customers who do not have traditional IT infrastructure but who also need an affordable, dedicated, validated encryption key management HSM to meet compliance regulations.

Cloud Backup and Restore Management System (CBRM)

Today's businesses need end-to-end data protection that makes recovery reliable, secure and efficient. CBRM software is an enterprise-class data protection software solution that provides a single, comprehensive, integrated approach to data protection including VM replication.

Its complete range of capabilities allows you to securely protect all sources and types of corporate data. CBRM is designed for efficient performance and compatibility with private cloud architectures. Customers can rely on our proven cloud backup technology and experience and know that they can easily backup and restore their data anytime, anywhere and from any point in time.

Those who haven’t yet moved their business to the cloud due to concerns about the safety of their valuable data, can now feel safe knowing that their data is constantly and independently backed up and accessible to them.

Big Data Analytical System

Big data analytics is the process of examining large data sets containing a variety of data types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. The analytical findings can lead to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer service, improved operational efficiency, competitive advantages over rival organizations and other business benefits.

Data analytics is distinguished from data mining by the scope, purpose and focus of the analysis. Data miners sort through huge data sets using sophisticated software to identify undiscovered patterns and establish hidden relationships. Data analytics focuses on inference, the process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what is already known by the researcher.

HPCC has a data center, which has a powerful server of its own, powerful enough to do provide enough resource which can be used for doing almost every kind of analytics domain relating to big data processing. These include:

  • Medical
  • Security
  • Prediction
  • Recommendation systems
  • Pricing
  • Retail habit
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Science and research
  • etc.

Optimizing Big Data Processing using SDN

Big Data Optimization is the ability to enable improved resource utilization of HW switches and reduces overall compute time leading to faster results during Big Data analysis. SDN can be used to program the switches to provide optimal flow paths during each stage of the Big Data analysis, enabling better QoS between the servers than need it or dedicating more cross-links between servers based on which stage of the analysis is in progress.

HPCC is going to deliver an SDN based solution that will analyze and optimize Big Data processing. The solution enhances Data by making application network aware.

Soft Firewall

HPCC is ready to deliver the next-generation firewall, providing powerful network security, application control and visibility everywhere, with no on-premise hardware or software required. This solution will block threats and data leaks in real time. It provides globally unified administration, policy management and reporting.

It also offers comprehensive gateway security that combines gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware intrusion prevention, application intelligence and control, content filtering and firmware updates.

HPCC Cloud-based firewall deliver services to multiple customers and are designed to meet ever-increasing demand. It is extremely high available infrastructure with fully redundant power, HVAC and network services, as well as backup strategies in the event of a site failure.


HPCC has developed a new and innovative encrypted file system. This file system can be moved from one system to another system and can be accessed if the user have the right authentication. User will not have to configure the file system. It will auto-configure. This file system uses unstructured database to store files in folders in a systematic way.

The file system provides the following features:

  • User-friendly
  • Portable
  • Encrypted
  • Scalable
  • Multiplatform supported (Linux & Windows)
  • Password protected
  • Drag & Drop (Files and folders)
  • Option for creating file by converting text into a file
  • Short keys
  • Virtual drive
  • Disk Quota
  • System Trey
  • Cloud Compatible